Call for Abstracts

Please download the abstract submission form at the bottom of the screen and send the completed form to by E-mail.

Information required for abstract submission

The first author from domestic institutions must be a member of the Japanese Society of Pathology. Authors who submit abstract from international institutions are not necessary to be a member of the society.

* Except "Poster presentation - Undergraduate (Undergraduate students)"
(Those who are applying for membership must enter "99" in the "Membership Number" box.)

Inquiries regarding membership can be obtained at the Secretariat Office of the Japanese Society of Pathology. The details of the contact can be found at the bottom of this page.

Abstract submission

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Thank you for your submission.

1. Presentation style

・Oral presentation
・Poster presentation
・Poster presentation(Undergraduate students)
・Poster presentation(Trainees)
・Poster presentation (Postgraduate students・Residents)

Please note that we may ask you to present in a different presentation style from your preferred at the time of abstract acceptance.

2. Keywords *required

Keywords 1 *
01 Diagnostic pathology・Human pathology
02 Experimental pathology
03 Others
Keywords 2 *
01 Interdisciplinary pathology
02 Systemic diseases
03 Oral cavity・Head and neck・Salivary glands
04 Heart
05 Vessels
06 Respiratory tract
07 Mediastinum・Thymus
08 Serosal membranes・Mesothelium・Somatic cavity
09 Upper gastrointestinal tract
10 Lower gastrointestinal tract
11 Liver
12 Biliary system
13 Pancreas
14 Breast
15 Endocrine organs
16 Urinary system
17 Male reproductive organs
18 Female reproductive organs
19 Placenta and perinatal pathology
20 Pediatric pathology
21 Central nervous system
22 Peripheral nervous system
23 Bone and soft tissue・Locomotor organs
24 Blood・Bone marrow
25 Lymph nodes
26 Spleen
27 Skin
28 Sensory organs
29 Others
Keywords 3-1 *
01 Neoplastic diseases
02 Inflammatory diseases
03 Infectious diseases
04 Chronic progressive diseases
05 Circulatory failure・Circulatory disturbance
06 Metabolic disorder・Degenerative disorder
07 Transplantation pathology
08 Intractable and rare diseases
09 Congenital disorder・Developmental anomaly
10 Radiation injury
11 Autopsy
12 Cytodiagnosis
13 Intraoperative consultation
14 Differential diagnosis
15 Immunohistochemistry・Diagnostic molecular pathology
16 Classification of Diseases
17 Evaluation of treatment effects・Therapeutic strategies
18 Epidemiology・Statistics
19 Image analysis・AI・Digital pathology
20 Information technology・Bioinformatics
21 Education・Medical staff
22 Quality control
23 Work-life balance
24 Chromosomal abnormality・Hereditary diseases
25 Animal disease models
26 Genetic risks・Environmental factors
27 Genetic mutation・Carcinogenesis
28 Gene expression・Epigenetics
29 Signal transduction・Cell proliferation・Cell cycle
30 Cell death・Cell damage・Senescence
31 Invasion and metastasis
32 Cancer microenvironment・Cancer stem cells
33 Cancer cellular characteristics
34 Cancer immunology
35 Diagnostic markers・Tumor markers・New therapies
36 Cell biology・Molecular imaging
37 Cell differentiation・Regenerative medicine
38 Development and developmental abnormalities
39 Immunity・Inflammation
40 Autoimmunity・Autoinflammation
41 Novel technology・Experimental technique
42 Others

Keywords 3-2 for Second Choice (The same keywords as Keywords 3-1)

3. Title

The title must be written in English.
Maximum number of letters: 100
*Titles with more than 100 letters cannot be registered.

4. Abstract (main text)

Abstract will be accepted in English only.
Maximum number of letters: 1040

5. Co-author(s) / affiliation(s)

Co-author(s): up to 10 persons including the first author
Affiliation(s): up to 10 institutions
List of abbreviations used for affiliations: here

6. Selection of abstracts

Submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed, and acceptance and presentation style will be decided by the program committee.
Notifications of accepted abstract will be sent by e-mail to the authors.

Abstract Submission Form

Please download the abstract submission form and send the completed form to by E-mail.

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